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River Farm Aviary is a Family run facility specializing in raising some of the rarest and most wonderful birds in American Aviculture.

Mike has had a life long fascination with birds. Since he was a small boy he drove his parents crazy with all the critters he brought home. Later rehabbing native wildlife to  now breeding rare and difficult species.  His passion he has passed on to his Children with his oldest child Paige currently in Vet school at UGA and his youngest child Michael Jr. with a fascination in Geology and herpetology. Mikes Wife Michelle and daughter Ashley both work in the aviaries as well feeding the flock and hand raising the babies.

Mike, a well respected artist and sculptor, is well know world wide for his work with museums and rare birds.

We hope you enjoy our site and check back often as we add additional information on husbandry, breeding, hand raising and other useful articles.


Michael Vaden